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Drury On Demand (DOD)

Drury Outdoors is proud to introduce the Drury On Demand (DOD) with RLX Media Streaming service. Drury On Demand (DOD) gives you access to all your favorite Drury Outdoors DVDs from over the years.  It's an easy process allowing you to get access to your purchased downloadable DVD to any or all of your smartphone/tablet/desktop computers with a simple couple clicks of a button!  This feature is powered by the FREE RLX APP and keeps all of your purchased downloadable Drury DVDs on the Cloud, allowing you to keep or remove them from your device at any time to free up space if needed.  The average Drury On Demand download is about 2,500 mbs so you will need to have at least that amount of free space on your device and a good WiFi or Internet connection for it to download.  It's all at the touch of your fingertips and gives you the ability to take your favorite Drury DVD with you anywhere/anytime!  Enjoy Drury On was created for YOU! 

The free RLX Media Streaming app enables Drury On Demand video viewing on any device: iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac and PC. The first step is to download and install the app for your device. If you are having any problems, here are a few key points to check:

  1. Have you downloaded the RLX Player for your device? if not download the player for the device you are currently on. (See the list below.)
  2. Open the player and enter the email and password that you used for your DOD purchase.
  3. Open the player and view or download the content. Make sure you have an internet connection until the video is downloaded.
Once you have the player installed:
  1. You will notice that on each title you will see a little gray cloud or nothing at all. This simply tells you whether the video has been downloaded to your device or if it is in your account in the cloud. If it has been downloaded to your device and you see no cloud, then you do not need a wifi connection to watch the video. if you see the cloud then you need to download the video to watch it and then you would no longer need a WIFI connection.
  2. At any time you can delete the content on your RLX Media Streaming Player to create room for more to be downloaded. The content will be kept on your cloud for the length of your license.
  3. You may watch this content on a Mac or PC, Android tablet or phone and IOS iPhone or iPad. Just scroll to the bottom of this page and select the player that matches the device that you desire to watch the video on. Or you can go to The IOS App Store IOS RLX Player or The Google Play Store ANDROID RLX Player and download the Free "RLX Player" Once it is on that device you can log in with your email and password and the videos will be there available for you to download. All at no additional charge to you.
  4. At the end of the video you can share this on your favorite social network. Just click on the link and tell your friends about it! Or you can "right click" on the video tittle at the "Shop" page of the player and use the share option there.

We want to thank you again for your purchase and we hope you enjoy our Drury On Demand content wherever you go!


The Entire Drury Outdoors and RLX Media Streaming Team

RLX Player Downloads

Select the appropriate installer for your device from the list below.

PC (Windows)

Download RLX Player from the following link, install it and log in. Requires Intel/AMD based Windows XP or newer.


Mac (OSX)

Use the browser on your Mac (Intel based OSX10.6 or newer) and enter the following link to install RLX Player. After installing sign in.


Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Use your device (iOS 5 or newer) to open the AppStore, install RLX PLayer and sign in.


Android tablets and phones

Use your Android device to open Google Play, install RLX Player and sign in.